Thursday, August 7, 2008

Sunset, Sunrise

I had to choose this photo for today as it represents everything going on for me.  Is it a sunrise or a sunset?  I have both going on in my personal life right now and need to embrace them.  They both are equally beautiful and satisfying in my books.

As I went along writing this blog, I also wrote for The Paris Traveler, a blog owned by an online media company out of Canada.  It is that "job" if you will that got me started in this whole blogging business and the opportunity to write daily about a place I love more than anything was too good to pass up.  Six short months later, the blog has been retired.  That part of my daily life has been put to rest along with so many other things.  

I have decided to take this blog in the direction that gives me the most pleasure--Paris.  The title already speaks to this  most magical place and it allows me to reveal not only the places that one should see while visiting, but here I can uncover and share with you all the things that couldn't be posted on a blog that didn't allow for much creative process.  Paris et cie, since it is my personal blog, gives me that freedom and I can take readers as far as my imagination wants to go.  Readership will certainly slow down as I have no big advertising banners at the top of the page, but the content will be much more fun.  

So, I am settled in my new digs, the sun is out and it could not be a more beautiful day in Chicago.  Oak Street beach which I can see from my front window is calling me to walk along it in order to get my day going and I think I have to listen.  I can't tell you how anxious I am to get things moving along.  Hope you continue to join me on this adventure.  

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Lynn said...

Hi Kim, I was sorry to see you leave TPT! You did a great job taking over for me, but I understand. I told MJ that I thought too much emphasis was placed on quantity rather than quality.

By the way, the photo is a sunset. (The Eiffel Tower is a give away being toward the west.)

Good luck on your blog and the new endeavors you're undertaking in your life!


Kim said...

Thanks Lynn! Certainly one door closing leads to the next thing. I am a visitor to your blog as well and enjoy reading about events going on in your world.

Leanne said...

Glad to see that I can resume reading you every morning as part of my routine. Read a great article today about how Paris is present in Vietnam. Made me think of you and your constant quest to find France around the world. Gros bisous xxx

Lynda said...

Good luck, Kim. I will change the name of your link in my favorites on my blog. I love Paris, too, and think this will be a wonderful blog to write - and read!

Je ne regrette rien said...

ahhh, THAT explains it!

Chubbs said...

Welcome Kim, from one 'Blogspotter' to another. Have enjoyed tuning in to your writings every now and then... will continue to do so now that you're in a more permanent spot that lets you take your creative license in whatever direction you choose.

Keep writing...

Marc, always blogging over at

Chubbs said...
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Kim said...

Thanks Chubbs! Hopefully this is the path I should be on right now. One never knows