Monday, May 12, 2008

Moroccan Mint Tea: Drink of the Gods

I spent a year living in Paris which could be a million posts long going over the delights of that experience.  Most I am sure will be revealed as I write.  Today I will share what I discovered to be one of the most exquisite drinks I had there:  Moroccan Mint Tea.  

I am reminded of this liquid pleasure as I look at my garden, completely taken over by a wildly invasive strain of mint that is making me insane.   It has taken on the likeness of  that mythological creature, the many headed Hydra who just kept growing more heads as Hercules tried to get rid of them.  Instead of fighting my minty nightmare, I have decided to embrace this herbal blessing and am on a constant quest for recipes requiring it.  It is garnishing everything I make--dressings, dips, desserts and.....tea.  

I have been very fortunate to come across a blog that I "read" daily even though it is in Italian and I don't know a word of Italian.  Cucinare Lontano is a cooking/lifestyle blog I think, written by Jean-Michel who is French, lives in Florence and speaks perfect English. (that is all good in my books!) I leave little comments for his posts when I can and he answers back in English.  It is his recipe for Mint Tea that I am sharing with you.  If you go to his site, you will understand why he knows what he talks about.  

2 tablespoons green chinese tea
10-15 leaves of fresh mint
5 spoonfuls of sugar
Pour 1 liter boiling water into teapot and let steep for 5 minutes.  Pour into small decorated Arab glasses.  You can put a few pine nuts in the glass--they will swell and soften in the hot water and become quite fragrant.  

Here are some little goodies from Just Morocco to make the experience even more authentic. 

Hyatt teapot

Beautiful golden tea glasses to drink this ambrosia from!

If you aren't as lucky as I to have a huge crop of mint taking over your backyard there's always Mighty Leaf.

Photo credits: Mighty Leaf Tea, Just Morocco, flickr: Dragos z 

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