Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Bells Are Ringing

Weddings:  my oldest daughters (twins) have been invited to the first wedding of their peers.  Graduation from university (Notre Dame) is this week-end and next month the whole marriage thing starts!  It's hard for recent graduates to afford many of the things that people register for.  I got married right out of college and specifically chose china that wasn't that expensive so I would get a few settings or at least enough to make a table look as though it all went together.  I spent some time today searching for things that my girls could combine their efforts on and thought I'd share.  

I am a big fan of wine and know that many young kids aren't but they will like it someday and they may entertain people that like it and might want to start a nice collection of barware--something that they would never go and buy themselves.  This is an Italian Waiter's Corkscrew, created by Enrico Albertini with input from sommeliers and other experts on looks, feel and functionality.  Some thought went into this and I would LOVE to have this in my kitchen.  As a matter of fact, I think I have convinced myself to order one the moment I am done with this post.  Italian Waiters Corkscrew, $50.00

Add a set of wine glasses that people who talk with their hands like I do can't knock over and destroy and I think the party can begin.  Check out the champagne flutes.  I love them.  I might have to convince myself that I need those as well.  Set of six stemless wine glasses $42.00

This next one is a bit off the charts but let me explain.  We have a HUGE round table in our kitchen that can seat up to 10 people.  In the center is a lazy susan that spins around and while we are eating, whatever we need finds its way to us as it spins.  It sounds crazy I know, but people LOVE it and I have had offers to buy the table, scratches, nicks and all.  They want the lazy susan.  So here's one that you can put anywhere, anytime;  on a dinner table, buffet, take it outside on the patio, whatever.  AND you can have it monogrammed with the happy couple's name.  How fabulous is that!  My shopping cart is getting full!   Wine Barrel Lazy Susan $129/$149

My last item is the cheapest and I think the most fun.  Wall decals were everywhere in Europe when I lived over there and I am finally seeing them mainstream themselves into decor here.  I found this wonderful monogram that is on Etsy (one of my favorite places on the internet) that again, can be made specifically for the happy couple.  And the best part, it's made from vinyl and can easily be removed so they can take it with them wherever they go!  I think this idea wins! Monogram Decal $30.00 

I am off to shop!

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