Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Chicago Meets Cyprus

Blogging--we could argue forever about the plusses and minuses of this new media craze.  I am new to this whole world, deciding in late November of 2007 that maybe I should start one as a personal place to figure out where I needed to go professionally.  In mid-December, out of the blue mind you, I was hired to write a daily post at The Paris Traveler.  My role there is to give readers tips on travel around the city, places to go to eat, museums and sites that you might not know about, shops that are great but unless you lived there, you wouldn't know about them.  So in a way, this little blog was a means to an end but I'm not sure that I am complete yet.  I think I am just at the starting line of the journey and can't wait to run the race!

The part of blogging that I love is connecting with people from all around the world that you would never get a chance to meet if it weren't for the internet.  And you may never get to actually meet them in person, but there is a bond somehow through cyber space and friendships blossom.  
One such friendship for me is with a gentleman named Philip or Philas as he is called in his home of Cyprus.  He happened to stumble on my post the other day about Spain, liked it, contacted me asking if he could use it or part of it on his blog and voila, a friendship born.  Today I am linking to his site as he has some wonderful photos and information to share about his country that, honestly, if I don't get there someday, shame on me!!

This particular post is The Mosaics of Paphos on Cyprus

These beautifully preserved mosaics are the floors of ancient Roman villas owned by those who governed Cyprus 2000 years ago, dating from the third to fifth century A.D.  Mostly, they depict stories from Greek mythology and are made from tiny glass pieces called "tesserae" that where puzzled together by artisans of great skill.  I had dinner several months ago with a woman who had just completed a week long course in Venice learning this very same craft.  If you have ever been to Venice and visited Saint Mark's Cathedral then you have been introduced to some of the most beautiful mosaic work anywhere.  The interior of this particular church is breathtaking.

You really must go visit Philas' blog taxidiaris which in Greek means "person who loves traveling".  He gives much detail regarding the photos you see here and you can search his blog and be amazed at all the magnificent places he has been.                                                            

I too would have to call myself a taxidiaris!! 


Phivos Nicolaides said...

Dear Kim,
This is a great surprise for me. I was touched. Thank you very much for being so nice and generous in our spiritual traveling. I am sure that you ‘ll enjoy by yourself all the fantastic places now you are dreaming. Reach where you can’t! THANK YOU. Philip, Lefkosia, CYPRUS

Kim said...

"Reach where you can't"....those are fabulous words to live by. Quite the inspiration you are.
Thank you