Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Art For The Home: Super-Size Mine Please

 I am a Pinner.

As I typed that I had this vision in my head of me looking down at the floor, unable to make eye contact with the world as my vice of time-wasting on all things DIY-ish, yoga-ish, recipe-ish, shoe-fetish-ish and eye-candy-ish (just to name of few of my boards) was a weight too heavy to bear.  And yet, Pinterest is the second most popular social media site right now so there should be no shame because we're all doin' it.  All of us abusing our drug of choice;  spending too much time making a pretty, virtual world.

In my real world (which doesn't yet match up to my virtual one) I would buy ginormous art for my home.  Can't seem to pin enough of these images and want them all.  Big art.  Entire walls covered in one huge masterpiece. Larger than life-size. Like this one.

Or any of these 

These are leaning slightly towards wallpaper but it's my virtual world so I get to decide that no they don't

And then, I would need a super-size GIF of a waterfall with super-size speakers re-creating the super-size sounds of rushing water. Love this. 

SO, now you know a little bit more about me...one of my vices, at least. Pinning. There's certainly a few more.  

Like this.  
Life would be so dull without them, vices, don't you think?
Just checking to see if you were paying attention.  This would be on my eye-candy-ish board.  

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