Monday, June 10, 2013

Amedeo NYC: Cameos For The Future

I happen to like cameos.  The craftsmanship that goes into making one amazes me.  All that intricate carving on a tiny piece of shell.  In the hands of a tremendously gifted artist, the results can be spectacular.  

This is a ring I bought myself about eight years ago.  Not the best quality photo but hopefully it shows up as a women dressed as a Roman warrior. A simple profile in an even simpler bezel type setting.  I was feeling the need for empowerment at the time and the minute I saw this in an antique market, I knew it had to be mine.  

Amedeo NYC

Today I came across a website that has taken cameos into the future.  Amedeo NYC is a company revolutionizing what, where, who and how this ancient form of jewelry design can be used. 

Everyone needs an elephant with a crown of diamonds

Bespoke Monogram rings

Classic silhouette with a twist

Must-haves in Vogue (#23)

The pieces on their website start at about $1700 so all this beauty comes with a price.  However, and don't laugh, they have a whole line on!!  While many of the pieces on that site come across as a bit more traditional and stuffy, these earrings (I adore them) are clearly in a "not stuffy" category but do have a hefty price tag of $5,700. 

This resin bracelet which I think is fun was on HSN (sold out) and retailed for about $140.  That works. 

I can't believe I am linking you to  This is a frightening thought (I spent a few minutes watching it after I wrote this .... scary) but in all fairness, this line and some others they have would end up in my shopping cart.  

Happy shopping.   

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