Thursday, March 3, 2011

Waste No Time Becoming a Parisian

When one arrives in Paris, the need to blend in is strong yet difficult. The chic, hastily thrown together nonchalance that embodies a Parisian's every movement, thought, conversation, fashion statement is not easy to duplicate. While we, meaning non-Parisians feel all out of sorts here....too uptight, too frumpy, too loud, too bright and want to fit in, the chances of becoming "French" overnight is impossible. Our fanny packs, white sneakers, shorts in the summer and vente "emporter" or to go cups from Starbucks are all dead giveaways that we are here for a weeklong immersion on foreign soil bringing all our wonderful habits from the states with us.

Enter Olivier Giraud. A handsome, talented comedian, and Parisian resident, Monsieur Giraud has very cleverly brought all the idiosyncrasies of his fellow countrymen together for a one hour session on how to master the ways of the Parisian. He pokes fun at their crazy ways and in so doing, empowers out-of-towners to feel confident in the ways of behaving properly in a cab, grabbing the attention of a haughty café waiter (good luck with that) and helping the elderly or pregnant women in the métro (they get to sit). All of this is done in English with a comic force that will leave you laughing at our faux pas and feeling much better about our crazy ways!

Make one of his shows first on your list of things to do once you arrive in Paris and your stay will become that much easier. Or at the very least, the frustrating ways of the Parisians will become....enjoyable

Additional information:
Théatre de la main d'or
15 Passage de la main d'or, 75011, Paris
Métro: Ledru Rollin
06 98 57 45 98


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