Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Le Cigale Récamier

My first group of friends coming from the states for a visit arrived yesterday which was actually a reunion of sorts. Sisters who babysat for my newborn twins (who are now 24) way back when are here for a few days with their mom. We hadn't seen each other for at least 15 years. I met them in the lobby of their hotel, Le Lutetia, and for the next few hours became total boss of them.

The first day of a trip overseas (at least for me) is so disorienting. You have sort of been up for 24 hours and land at 8:00am which is the middle of the night as far as your body is concerned. I always feel slightly hung-over when I arrive (which occasionally happens in my world) but usually not on a transatlantic flight. All the travel leaves me shaky and dehydrated and head-achey like too many cocktails can do....just not as much fun. I check into my apartment, sleep for no more than two hours, shower, head out the door and promise myself I will not fall asleep before 10pm.

Those were the orders I gave my friends and they were most obedient. We met in the lobby at 2:00 and I took them for their first meal in Paris which I hope was memorable as it was quintessentially French.

Le Cigale Récamier, located just around the corner from where they were staying in the 6th is a restaurant that has been around for about 30 years and is not anywhere a tourist would necessarily rush to go which makes it perfect. It is filled with locals who "do" lunch in this fashionable part of town. The menu is simple....small salad and a few selections for starters and then the most delicious souffles for lunch. Savory things filled with seafood, cavier d'aubergines or spinach. A bottle of house wine that was delicious and while we passed on dessert, all the ones that went by.....the French don't pass on dessert too often, were little works of art on a plate.

Be sure to bookmark Le Récamier to experience authentic Parisian dining.

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