Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Follow Your Heart

I put this blog aside quite awhile ago for a number of reasons. This past year or so has brought really monumental changes to my world....both good and not so much. As a result of all the tumult going on for my family I would have to say that we each have landed, somehow, in a place that is just right for us. All five of us, my husband and three daughters have experienced a "follow your heart" transformation and as a result we are living in five different cities in soon to be four different countries. Trust me, as confusing as that is to read, it is far more confusing to be living it! The photo of Paris is significant as it is here where I currently fall asleep and wake up each day. I listened to what my heart was telling me to do and voilĂ !

Well, not exactly voilĂ . Following that tiny voice in one's head (or rather loud one in my case) leading a person to act on their inner most dreams or desires you would think would be easy. The decision to actually do what you want, the saying of the words to the people you love most and the following through on plans can take you from the highest highs to the lowest lows all in the same day. Moments of fear of the unknown can be paralyzing. Feeling reckless with one's life occasionally comes from behind and grabs me in the middle of the Tuileries as I am surrounded by the splendor that I love about this city and stops me in my tracks. My heart races and I think what am I doing? And then, I calm down and I realize...yes, I am in Paris. I can't be surrounded daily by the people that I love but I can wake up in a city that makes me feel alive and full and on a daily basis through email or skype or text or phone call, I share that excited, vibrant person that I become when I am here. I hear my family members own excitement about their individual lives and while we still feel uncomfortable, unsure and unclear about what is happening for us we are certain of one thing....we are a family that is continually "becoming" the family we are meant to be.

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