Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Jill Jonnes and Eiffel's Tower

Always on the lookout for a good read, I came across this soon to be released book while thumbing through the latest edition of Vanity Fair which, by the way, was a great read. It brought to my attention, Eiffel's Tower by Jill Jonnes,  which delves into the creation of the tower during Belle Epoque France and all that surrounded that heady time period.

As Eiffel held court that summer atop his one thousand foot tower, a remarkable host of artists and personalities--Buffalo Bill, Annie Oakley, Gaugin, Whistler, and Edison--traveled to Paris and the Exposition Universelle to mingle and make their mark.....Eiffel's Tower combines technological and social history and biography to create a richly textured portrayal of an age of aspiration, dreams, and progress.  Amazon.com

The book won't be released until April 30th, which is just in time to pick up for some up-coming summer reading.  Just thought I'd give you a heads up.  

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Phivos Nicolaides said...

Have a good reading then Kim!

Khaled KEM said...

Hi Kim,

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I appreciate it. I understand completely your point. We have different tastes even for poetry. I hope that you visit more often and enjoy what you feel close to your heart and mind.
I enjoy your blogs. I visited some time ago and I enjoy your posts and your choices of places.

Kim said...

Philip, thank you. It is on my summer reading list.

Khaled, I will be more vigilant in visiting your blog. It is so calming for me.

leanne said...

Where are you? Your readers miss you.

narender said...

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The Antiques Diva™ said...

Kim - I miss you!! It seems a while since you posted!!!! Do hope you are well and just wanted to drop a note to say I was thinking of you!

Narender Kumar said...

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