Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Country Pâté a la Mark Bittman

As a blogger, I follow a number of other people's blogs on all manner of subjects; France, wine, the arts, fashion and cooking.  One of my favorite's is Bitten by Mark Bittman of the New York Times.  I have written about him before and find his attitude towards cooking casual, irreverent, welcoming and always appetizing.  Watching his short videos on how to prepare anything makes me what to get up off my rear and start cooking.  

This past week I think he has been in Paris and is writing about all things French.  I found this recipe for Country Pâté which is one of my favorite things to order.  A crusty baguette, some of those tiny cornichons, a little Dijon mustard, a good glass of red wine and well, I do believe you are all set for some fine dining.  Take a trip to his post from yesterday and you'll find his version of this gourmet goody.  

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Photo credit:  mhaithaca@flickr


Leanne said...

I always love to pair it with a nice wedge of soft, gooey Brie. Heaven in my mouth!

Kim said...

Ah, perfection, you are right!