Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Salon du Dessin

As a lover of art, one of the most interesting events I took part in while living in Paris was the Salon du Dessin;  a treasure trove of old master drawings that were available for sale.  Imagine walking away with a (tiny) Fragonard or Watteau sketch that were the beginnings of one of their famous paintings now hanging in a museum somewhere.  Or perhaps a coffee/wine stained work with little notes in the margins for a piece of sculpture that might be considered for the tympanum of a cathedral entrance.  The idle thought process behind these sketches is what appeals to me the most.  

Held in the old Paris Bourse building (stock exchange), the organizers do a wonderful job breaking the space down into intimate galleries showcasing the specific types of work each participant represents.  It doesn't take long to get through all the exhibits so it won't take up a significant part of your day.  My daughter and I went through separately, chose our personal favorites throughout, joined up at the end and compared notes--that took about an hour and a half.  If you do go (and you so should if you are in town this weekend), be sure to buy the guide as it features many of the pieces being sold and a brief description.  For some reason, I found it to be a really pleasurable thing to go back to.  

An odd trickle down effect in this genre of art takes place in Paris during this particular week. While the show is on, dealers and clients who have gathered in the city to take advantage of selling and buying also have the opportunity to purchase additional works as Sotheby's puts their two cents in with an auction on Wednesday, March 25th.  More amazing goodies to hang in your powder room when you get back from your trip.  

Additional information:
Wednesday to Monday, March 25th to March 30th
Palais de la Bourse  75002
Metro:  Line 3 Bourse, Line 8 & 9, Grands Boulevards
Entry fee:  12 euros

Galerie Charpentier
76 rue du Faubourg Saint Honore 75008
Metro:  Line 1, 8, 12 Concorde

Photos:  Salon du Dessin, Sotheby's

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