Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Who Are You?

As promised, another personality quiz to not only help you identify who you are and what makes you tick.  With this one,  you can share that information with others--or not.   

Youniverse is designed I believe as a unique social networking site that allows people to take personality quizzes that define what kind of movie goer you are, how you would choose to spend New Years, what type of travel appeals to you, etc.  Then you can reveal these aspects of yourself through the network they have set up in order to possibly meet your soulmate or not. I'm thinking not as I quickly glance at the home page but that's just me.  

Anyway, this one is a bit more complex in that you are asked questions and have to click on the photo that best illustrates your answer--whether it be a person, place, emotion.  Sounds easy but it was hard.  Certainly, some absolutely jumped off the page for me while others were complicated choices indeed.  And again, I would have to say that in all the tests I took it was eerily accurate.  How I feel about travel, what my sense of well being is and my definition of art really rang true.  As I write this post and go back for reference, I see that they have added a few tests that I haven't taken yet.  So I am off to find out a few more things about myself.  

Now it's your turn to discover...

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