Monday, February 23, 2009

L'Astier de Villatte

Think of a tiny jewel box of a place that is filled with delicate, wafer thin glazed terra cotta goodies--plates, platters, pitchers, mugs--all displayed against a backdrop of exposed stone walls reminiscent of the 18th century.  Imagine also, weathered wood shelving and carefully selected vintage items adding just the right amount of contrast to showcase these creations. Throw in some artisanal chocolate bars and smelly candles of the best variety.  If you can conjure up that image in your head then you would find yourself at l'Astier de Villatte

Located on rue Saint Honoré, it is a far cry from all the hedonistic fashion boutiques that line the street which have made this length of pavement one of the most famous shopping areas in the world.   If one walks east from that fray, one can discover a gentler, calmer, more user friendly (although not necessarily cheaper) section and it is here that you will find this delightful shop.  

The staff could not be more helpful and tend to each customer with incredible care and attention.  As their pieces are so delicate, they will wrap them with precision for those of us packing them in suitcases that are certainly destined to not being handled with so much care.  A very treacherous spirally staircase leads to a lower level where they display beautiful antique furnishings as well.  Cant' imagine how they get some of their pieces down there but it is certainly worth the trip down the scary stairs.  (That last line is for my girls.  They get me).

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173 rue Saint-Honoré, 75001
Métro: Palais-Royal, Pyramides, Tuilieries
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Taylor said...

oh yeah... scary stairs. All over it! :D

Taylor said...

I didn't know the founders' last name was Bensimon! Spoken in my head in French, it kinda changes the Bensimon/Ben Simon relationship we discovered the first time we heard about the store... ;)