Thursday, February 19, 2009

Jardin des Tuileries and The Art World

For me (and apparently hundreds of others on a sunny day) nothing beats spending the afternoon strolling through or relaxing in the Tuileries.  Well manicured gardens that precede the Louvre are well worth spending some time at.  Grab an emporter (to go) sandwich and enjoy an impromptu picnic with friends and family.  Or, rest your rear on one of the iconic green garden chairs surrounding the fountains and catch some elusive sun while listening to an ipod filled with whatever music moves you in the moment.  Forever after, when you hear those songs, you will be transported.   Trust me.  Jamie Cullum and I are there all the time.   

I found a quirky website that has gathered together famous artist's impressions of this urban oasis and selected my favorites to share with you.  

André LeNôtre's grand plan for the gardens

Léon Auguste Asselineau

Édouard Manet


Camille Pissarro
What most days look like in the Tuileries--rainy.  You don't go to Paris for the weather.

Pierre Bonnard--I LOVE this one. 

Did you guess who did the green wind-whipped one?  If you guessed Monet you win.  Win what you ask? My complete admiration for your art knowledge. 

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leanne said...

Great post Kim. Love looking at pictures of my favourite city and figuring out who can painted what. Monet is the man but not what one would expect from him.

Phivos Nicolaides said...

What a fantastic idea, une promenade a les rues de Paris!!

Kim said...

Hey Miss Leanne--hope you are surviving these dog days of winter. Freezing our you know whats down here.

Kim said...

Those Parisians thought of everything Philip

Taylor said...

loved the Pissarro! And the homage to my favorite part of Paris :)