Friday, February 20, 2009

Clooney, Coffee and the Champs Elysées

I just read an article on how in a seemingly bad economy, the Swiss food giant, Nestlé finds itself in a most enviable of situations--making money faster than anticipated on their coffee brand, Nespresso.  

You haven't heard of it you say?  Well here in the states, I would venture to guess most neighborhoods are too saturated with Starbucks to have put their big toe into international coffee. Nespresso is not only a brand in Europe but I would and Nestlés does say it is a 'lifestyle' as well.

Paris is strewn with Nespresso shops that sell both machines--you need a specific type of coffee maker--and the pods used to make the coffee.  These stores are referred to by Nestlé as 'gateways' where one goes to get all their Nespresso needs taken care of.  It sounds a bit crazy, but lines form out the door in some locations as people patiently (unusual for Parisians) wait for their turn in line (again, not a big French concept).  Much care has been taken in their design and layout and they are truly worth a visit while in Paris if for no other reason as an exercise into understanding what moves the residents of Paris.

A little over a year ago, a Nespresso bar opened up on the Champs Elysées acting not only as a boutique but a place to experience and actually sit with the ultimate coffee lifestyle.  It is a beautiful space--a great spot to rest one's weary bones after a day of sight-seeing and shopping. Who knows, perhaps George will show up.  Now THAT alone is worth a visit.  


The Antiques Diva™ said...

Another point worth mentioning is that Nespresso is a great place to stop while travelling for a FREE CUP of Espresso! They give free samples to taste the various flavors.

I am addicted to my Nespresso machine... while I prefer Livanto flavor, my husband is more of a Ristrettro person.

Many of the department stores in Europe also sell this brand... so while shopping if you work your way to the Nespresso bar in "kitchen goods" - you can almost always get a "free quick pick me uppper!!"

The Antiques Diva

Lauren said...

oh, if only it was possible to order a George with a side of espresso ;)