Monday, February 9, 2009

Creative Champagne

Design Within Reach, is a retail site dedicated to functional and well designed contemporary home furnishings.  While I lean towards an eclectic mix of traditional, antique and new, many of their pieces could easily be worked into my surroundings and the result would be spectacular--I especially like their workspace offerings. Creativity couldn't help but be harnessed in a setting that looks like this. 

As with many retailers these days, the company has created a blog that gives curious sorts like myself a place to be further inspired; whether it's ideas for redecorating my home or links to other like minded sites/books/blogs.  This past week, they have been sponsoring a contest of sorts--they have challenged readers to recycle their champagne corks left over from their New Years celebrations.  What exactly can one do with these left overs?  Well, specifically, individuals were asked to create miniature "chairs" using only the foil, label, cage and cork from no more than two champagne bottles.  At my house we went through way more than two bottles; probably enough to outfit an entire house--appliances, bath fixtures, dining rooms.... 

Here are a few samples from last year's winners.  While they are great, they pale in comparison to some of this year's offerings.  I can't upload the pictures onto my blog so you need to go and check them out yourself.  You can even get involved and vote for your favorite.  Be warned--it's going to be a tough choice.  They're all awesome. 

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