Friday, November 21, 2008


I know that if you are reading this blog because you love Paris, then you surely have come across information far more in depth to anything I can write about Ladurée here.  And you have probably come across countless blog posts, articles, etc. that allude to the fact a visit to Paris is incomplete without a visit to Ladurée.  I would have to concur.  For me and many others, it is the complete sensorial definition of 'l'Art de Vivre' that the French have mastered so well.  Sight, sound, taste, aroma are woven together in such way that you are carried off to another time and place--one that no longer exists in our everyday world.  The company has masterfully created a sense of wanting to 'be' Ladurée.  

Recently, in celebration of their ten year anniversary of their location on the Champs Elysée, Ladurée ventured into the future with the addition of Ladurée Le Bar, a completely different way to experience the world of petite fours and macarons.  Located behind the salon de thé,  Laudurée Le Bar looks more like a lounge you might find on Starship Enterprise:  weblike barstools and an illuminated ship shaped bar feel more space age than belle époque.  If you're going to do something that feels entirely different from what already exists, this would be it.  

What does remain the same is their connection to the macaron flavors they've created for their patisseries.  Drinks like Pistache (my flavor choice), a melange of Grey Goose pear vodka, ginger liqueur and pistachio syrup is served up with a pale green pistachio macaron on the side.  Perfect.  Rose, Citron, Café and Cassis/Violette get the nod as well.  You can order non-alchohalic drinks, including their Thés Ladurée, all delicious.   
There is a menu available as well, serving breakfast and interesting light meals throughout the day.  Inventive and elegant would be a way  to describe them--read:  it will not be cheap but it will be memorable.  Whether it's the salon du thé that pulls you in or Le Bar, Ladurée, one way or the other is not to be missed. 

Additional information:  Ladurée
                                            Ladurée Le Bar
                                            75 avenue de Champs Élysée or 13 rue Lincoln 
                                            Métro:  George V

Photo credit:  Ladurée, L'Express Styles


Phivos Nicolaides said...

What a wonderful post and so informative Kim! Thank you my dear.

Kim said...

You are so welcome Philip. A visit to Ladurée always makes me happy!