Thursday, October 9, 2008

Do You Polyvore? You Should

I'm not sure if it's because occasionally my daughters and I find ourselves with no lives and we really dig for something to occupy our little minds, but over the summer, my daughter, the fashion/costume/foreign language/travel lover found a fun website that ended up becoming one of our favorite sites and provided us girls with hours of entertainment.

Polyvore (we still don't understand the name) is a crazy site that allows you to upload your favorite fashion items; ones that you lust for or already have and create little vignettes or ways to put together outfits.  You can tap into what others have uploaded as well and select from thousands of shoes, handbags, dresses, skirts, pieces of jewelry and other accessories in addition to backgrounds that either inspire or enhance the outfits that you have created.

When nights were really slow, we made up games to play....with a 5 or 10 minute time limit we would have to come up with...."What we would wear to accept our Oscar for Best Actress"...."What Mom should wear as mother of the bride", or we would select a background or item of clothing that had to be included in the final product and see where it took each of us.  

Now you might be thinking who IS this woman?? but, seriously, there is a total upside to this little game.  After having done it numerous times, I came to look at my closet as the Polyvore website and realized that I could put my clothes together in ways that I had never thought of before. Overnight, I doubled the size of my wardrobe.  Now when I shop, I am mindful of what I have and what I need that would work best with all of it--hopefully eliminating unnecessary purchases or worse, ones that are total mistakes.  

You really have to try it.  It is one of those guilty pleasures that unlike me, you might not want to admit to but can't get enough of.  When my daughter has an especially cute outfit on as she heads out to work we both smile and know she was "Polyvoring" again.


Anonymous said...

I wish my mom could play polyvore with me!

Phivos Nicolaides said...

Your daughter, Kim, the fashion/costume/foreign language/travel lover, (as a woman) looks like a great money spender as well. Or am I mistaken?

Kim said...

Ha! Actually Philip, this particular daughter spends the least of all my girls. She loves to thrift shop and put fun outfits together from vintage clothes. My other two.....that's a different story!! They take after their mother I'm afraid;-))