Thursday, June 19, 2008

Passion for Music: Matthew Schoening

One of my passions that I haven't shared is music.  I love all kinds and need to have it surrounding my either in my tiny ipod headphones or as i make my way through my chores at home.  I tend towards jazz, new age, classical and lately anything that is slightly other worldly that doesn't have lyrics.  I can escape into the sound and let it take me wherever it leads.  This artist and his music that I have gratefully found does just that. 

Matthew Schoening has been a musician forever, being raised in San Francisco by parents who are both musicians themselves.  Matthew started playing cello in middle school and has set it aside and picked it up again numerous times through his 27 years bringing him to his current relationship with his musical skills.  

Solo Electric Cello is his first album released in 2007 that has him playing an electric cello while "looping, layering and arranging".  I am not a musician so can't speak to what any of that means.  But I do know when something sounds hauntingly beautiful....and his music does.  For me it feels very mystical: succeeding at being contemporary and ancient at the same time.  

Having this playing inside my head is like being transported to a far away land and is a gift I give myself when I need to get away!!

Additional information:  Listening Lounge

Photo credit:  Greg Gorman

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Phivos Nicolaides said...

I love all kinds of music which make me feel happy!