Thursday, June 19, 2008

Hot Fun in the Summertime

It is here, finally.  The time of year where we move outdoors and celebrate the warmth of the sun with friends and family.  I am still a kid at heart and have to stay outside until I see the sun go down.  As a little girl, I would stay out as late as I could, playing flashlight tag or catching firer flies in glass jars and then letting them go.  Or how about lighting sparklers or those creepy "punk" things that didn't do much of anything  What were they exactly??  

My daughters lament the fact that summer doesn't feel like it did when they were little.  Not too difficult to figure out since they are either busy working their summer jobs or pounding the pavement looking for full time employment.  Things change--even how summer "feels".  The good news though is I can open a bottle of chilled sauvignon blanc with them out on the deck and enjoy their company in a much different way.  No more running after them and getting them in the tub to scrub off all the accumulated dirt from their play.  Sad in a way to have that behind us but what lies ahead is shaping up to be so much more exciting.  

I hope your summer is filled with fabulous things!!

Photo credit:  Wayne Huzzey


Phivos Nicolaides said...

Summer is here! What a lovely season for those who love the sea!
Wishing you a happy Summer.

Kim said...

You are surrounded by sea. It must feel like summer every day! How wonderful!