Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Paris: Rue de Fuerstenberg

I found this curious antique shop as I was winding my way through the Saint Germain area of Paris on a rainy evening in February.  I remember talking on the phone, taking care of some dilemma back home in the states while struggling to take pictures of this haunting site, soothe the weary heart of one of my daughters and rush to get out of the coming rain storm.  Having dusk descending over Paris made this place all the more haunting for me.  

I love this little display of artist's models amongst some crazy antique village scene.


This is my favorite image as all the elements together create a scene of a dream that you either want to stay in longer or escape from as fast as you can.  Personally,  I delight in scenes like this.

I was unable to remember the name of the shop but you can find it at 4 rue de Furstenberg, on odd street for Paris as it has a round about in the center of it.  The area is well hidden which added to the mystery of the treasures found here. 

Photo credit:  Personal collection  

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Phivos Nicolaides said...

Really lovely pictures.