Thursday, June 6, 2013

Times They Are A Changin'

So, I was cleaning up my bookmarks and came across a site I hadn't been to in awhile Sköna hem or Swedish House.  These days it seems that the Scandinavian aesthetic is a major influence on product and interior design.  What I see mostly is clean, streamlined all white interiors that are balanced with organic elements and small details to soften the linear elements.

Having lived in Sweden for a year, I understand the need for all the whiteness.  Their winter months are brutal.   In the southern most tip of the country where I was, winter daylight was about 2 hours long.  Making the best of that situation, the Swedes fill their home with light, whether it be in color, as in all white, or millions of candles lit when the first sign of darkness appears.  I can only assume that in the northern parts, it's candles and coffee when one hops out of bed.  And lots of both.

These two photos came up on Skona Hem and my new self was completely drawn to the paired down, contemporary feeling of the top photo.  My new self also cringed at the second photo which felt cluttered and utterly claustrophobic.  The funny thing, the second photo is what my old self would have been completely drawn to.  As a matter of fact, I own many pieces similar to ones in the "Rococo" dining room. A few that I purchased in Sweden.  Huh!

Think it's time for a yard sale!

Which do you prefer?

Photo credit:  Sköna Hem

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