Friday, June 14, 2013

Dîner en Blanc 2013

In case you missed it!

 Dîner en Blanc 2013 at the Eiffel Tower /Trocadero

The 25th edition of the original "pop-up" dining experience took place here in it's city of origin last night.  Starting out way back when, with about 200 people "in the know"of where to congregate for this delightful summertime treat, Dîner en Blanc has swelled not only in attendees here in Paris but in similar events held around the world.  

Invitees are given a general idea where the event is scheduled to take place.  Groups of people dressed head to toe in white carrying a variety of props such as tables, chairs, candelabras and coolers filled with champagne and French culinary delicacies make their way to these spots. At the appropriate time they are texted their final destination and the race is on to get there and get their tables, humble or otherwise, set up for a long evening under the stars. This year there two spots were required to handle what looks like the entire population of Paris ... the courtyard at the Louvre and in the photos you see here, the Eiffel Tower and Trocadero. 

If you missed out on last night's event, take a look at the website to see if your city plays host to a similar event.  Or, start your own!

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