Friday, July 23, 2010

Crazy Hair, Bad Chi and Comprimés

Ok, so my hair has been falling out at an alarming rate. I can't really pinpoint the culprit....could be stress, the bad color job I got about a month ago that fried what little hair I do have on my head, the incredibly crappy water that comes out of the faucets here in Paris leaving a residue on hair and skin that requires tons of products to make you feel like you actually belong in your skin, hot weather....who knows. All I know is that yesterday was my day of figuring out what to do about it.

Do you ever have moments when you are searching for an answer to a dilemma and all of a sudden a possible solution makes itself known to you? A little gift from the universe? That's what got me started on my quest. After no sleep worrying about my hair or lack of, I picked up my copy of Madame Figaro to read while having breakfast and there in front of me was a suggestion of a solution. I stumbled on an article written about a guy who has set up a salon here in Paris that works to fight "chute de cheveux" .....that would be hair falling out as opposed to what I went with to describe my predicament....mes cheveux sont tombés. No wonder the girl at the salon didn't get me! Thank God I enjoy a good laugh even at my own expense as much as the next person.

Anyway, for 155 euros, you get a private one on one consultation with this man as to what exactly is wrong with your inner vibrations that are causing your hair to fall out, he'll adjust said vibrations and then cut your hair according to what those vibrations are telling him to do with it. No more bringing in a picture of some cute haircut you found and saying I'd like to look like this. Oh, no you don't. Not if your vibrations don't want you to!

Once I had the information both explained to me and in a brochure, I observed what was happening in the salon. You'd think something like this would be at the end of some long alley with beaded curtains, plastic plants and less than health department cleanliness. But no. It's right next to Le Meurice in the incredible high rent district of the 1st and a rather pleasant space. One of the things, among many, that suggested this might not be for me was that none of the stylists looked as though their vibrations were any better than mine. It didn't appear to me that they had undergone the private hour and a half vibration adjustment with their boss. In my world, if you're gonna cut my hair, you should have well done hair. If you're gonna straighten my teeth, you better have straight teeth yourself. It's the rules.

Slightly disappointed, I headed home. At my métro stop, I decided to go into my neighborhood pharmacy to see if maybe they had some vitamins I could try. Perhaps I'm missing some vital mineral and need to replenish. Talk about pill overload. I discovered a couple of things. There are pills here that deal exactly with "anti-chute", little green things that you take for three months to stimulate one's "micro-circulation". Is that anything like vibration? Hmm? Then they have regular vitamins that you dissolve in water creating an orange fizzy drink that will "enhance one's physical and intellectual capacities". I liked the sound of that.

Guess what? As I write this I am watching my glass of water become fizzy and orange and am going to throw it and a little green anti-chute de cheveux pill back together hopeful my good vibrations get it going on today. I'll keep your posted.

photo credit: whodesignedit


Phivos Nicolaides said...

Wishing you a joyful weekend! Hugs.

Anonymous said...

Kim, You just made me laugh out loud.....and it is fitting after I just got home from spending 3 hours in the hair salon knowing that there is a good reason that I only get "the works" done about once a year! See you in a few! Maureen

PS I'm sure "vibrations" are just fine.