Tuesday, March 17, 2009

It's Hard Going On Vacation

So, followed cute boy's advice to hit happy hour and showed no sense of self-restraint whatsoever, spent all of yesterday in hangover mode, sucking back gallons of water that kept dribbling down my chin as I managed to get sun poisoning in my bottom lip that is now much bigger than Angelina Jolie's on her biggest lip day ever.  The good news, the sun was out, I remembered sunblock and lazed about on my chaise lounge.  Dillon, pool guy/waiter, tempted me all day with pina coladas or mojitos but I held back.  Even my daughters advice was to just keep drinking--when you fall off a horse you're supposed to get right back on, right? 

Ah well, catching my last few hours of sun before heading back to Chicago.  I hear it is rather pleasant at home actually.  It can't possibly beat the paradise I have found myself in these last few days but it is home and that can be paradise too. 

Happy Saint Patrick's Day everyone.  

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