Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Going Postal T-Shirts: Wear France Proudly

As I was going through the Internet looking for images for yesterday's post, I came across Paris' coat of arms printed on a t-shirt and of course had to explore further.  Today, I am sending you to Going Postal T-Shirts.

Here is a website devoted to screen printing the most amazing stamps commemorating events around the world-not just limited to France, as well as, great ephemera graphics of all sorts of things--travel postcards, vintage airplanes, coffee....seriously you need to spend some time here.  This is one of those places you can go to find something for the person who is so hard to shop for or has a passion for something specific and you can come up with a unique gift right here.  Not only are the t-shirts impressive, but the site also gives a tiny history of each stamp/graphic. I have picked a few to share, possibly tweaking your interest to head over yourself and see what you find.  

If you notice on the right hand side of my blog I have used this graphic to direct you to Snooth, a wine website that is so worth visiting.  Not knowing the history, Going Postal explained what this post World War II poster was all about.  I learned a little something. 

My love/hate relationship with haute couture is heightened in these lean times we find ourselves in but this image I could not help fall in love with. 

This stamp commemorates the 800th anniversary of Notre Dame de Paris.  Seriously, how many things can claim that!  

I purposely kept my selections to a minimum so you would be tempted to take a gander.  They really have some great things--check out Oddities, Valentines, Greek....they're all good.  

Additional information:  Going Postal T-shirts 

Photo credit:  Going Postal T-shirts

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Phivos Nicolaides said...

Are just beautiful these T-shirts. I do like them!