Thursday, March 5, 2009

Give Me Paris But Dress Me In Italy

I am not a big follower of the 'defiles' or fashion extravaganzas that take place however often they take place in Paris, London, New York and Milan (I think I've mixed up the order but as I said....).  When all the parade dust has settled, I will venture to a site that has such extensive coverage of the shows one really only needs to check it out to see a million photos of clothes I have not a hope in hell of ever owning.  

Madame at Le Figaro is the woman's section of one of the daily newspapers in France.  It is a weekly magazine that is tucked within the newspaper's weekend edition (along with Le Figaro, a news magazine) both of which are well done, informative magazines for something published weekly by a newspaper.  I am hard pressed to think of any like it here in the states. Since France, I am sure, would claim ownership to the creation of the entire fashion world (to be sure one probably can find a link to animal hide becoming a loin cloth thanks to the French), their fashion coverage is exceptional.  You must check out the link but certainly be prepared to waste copious amounts of time--it will take that long to go through everything.  

I did a quick overall check, found my favorite designer and had to share--MaxMara.  If I could afford designer cloths, my closet would look/be one of their stores.  I have one just down the street from me and walk by it several times a week always amazed that I like absolutely everything in their window.  Right before Christmas when retailers were trying to stay in the black by the skin of their teeth, markdowns were 70% which should feel practically free but still their prices made me wince.  I did come home with a nice clutch handbag that I've used enough times already to have my cost per wear/usage making me feel much better about the bill.  Ladies, you know what I'm talking about. 

The company has its roots in Italy, started by Achille Maramotti in 1951.  Initially designing stylish, elegant clothes for men, he soon found himself creating affordable (relatively speaking) high fashion designs for women as well.  I love the evolution of the company's name;  Mara, a shortened form of his surname and Max,  referring to a Count Max who was "never sober but always stylish".  How could you not love that story!  By the way, the beige ensemble has me written all over it.  

This last number I love but not so sure I could pull off for a number of reasons.  This young thing is reed thin with not so many curves.  Me, not so young and not so reedy.  But I'd give it my best shot.  Second, raise your hands if you feel you do helmets well.  Me, again, not so much. I would have incredibly bad hair if I dared to take it off.  The only possible bonus is if I attach it REALLY tight under my chin I could get a little face lift thing going on.  

Bad hair or no double chin?  Hmm, might need to reevaluate the helmet.

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Phivos Nicolaides said...

Paris is for lovers and Rome for shopping!!

Kim said...

Good point Philip!