Thursday, February 5, 2009

YSL for Auction

Following the death of Yves Saint Laurent last year, Christie's, the world renown auction house announced the sale of a wide variety of paintings, furnishings and what can only be referred to as "haute" knick-knacks that he and his partner, Pierre BergĂ© collected and displayed in their residence in Paris.  Fifty years of acquiring great works allowed these gentlemen to surround themselves with paintings by Picasso, Matisse and Ingres; early 20th century furniture.  Not to mention an abundance of tchotkies--and we are not talking souvenir spoons from Niagara Falls. Several pieces did some time in Versailles and other fabulous places before ending up in this beautifully curated apartment.  

This collection is up for auction in Paris at the Grand Palais on February 23rd, 24th and 25th. Over 700 hundred pieces with an estimated value of 200 to 300 million Euros will be made available.  My daughter, the art history girl, is certainly waiting to see how this world class auction fares in the current financial situation that we find ourselves in.  I too am curious to see what the final gavel will bring in.  

Playing around on the Christie's website, I found some of my personal favorites and thought I should share.  You too can play this game if you you head over to the site.  Those of us not able to make it to the actual auction (it is open to the public) can purchase catalogs and place our bids online.  Oh, if I just didn't have to buy those darn groceries..... 

So hard to pick, but these things jumped out at me as I was trolling the site.

A Leger for the library. A little Ingres for the powder room perhaps.  A David for over the mantle. Early 20th century table for the entry way.  Various doodads to put on top of table in the entry way.  For now I think I am done.  

Go forward people and play your own little game of 'what I would buy at the auction'.  If you are looking to waste time online, this should help.  And, if you should find yourself in Paris at the end of February,  please venture over to the Grand Palais and tell me all about it.

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Photo credit:  Christie's

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