Monday, February 16, 2009

The Prez, his Valentine and Table 52

I have to come clean--I have the tiniest, itty bittiest crush on the President.  Yes, it's true.  This is a whole new feeling for me.  I read about politics--liberal, conservative and otherwise to get a rounded view, have formulated opinions, entered into debate with people far more informed than me and can speak somewhat eloquently about the latest goings on in Washington.  All of those things are made possible for me because I really admire the man in charge.  I get him.  He could be my friend.  I have friends like him. The fact that I understand and can relate to how he lives his life makes him real for me.  Allowing himself to appear loving and vulnerable when it comes to the women in his world creates a sense of a humanness.  Our values are in sync which isn't what I have felt these last few years as far as our country's leadership was concerned.  It is oddly liberating for me.  

Anyway, I live in Chicago, right in the heart of the city and the other night as I was heading out to meet friends for dinner, a very obvious, somewhat menacing looking motorcade slowly wound its way through our neighborhood.  Being Saturday and Valentine's Day, the streets were jammed with us  hearty Chicagoans bracing the cold to enjoy a night out.  Those of us near State and Rush found ourselves watching the President and the First Lady make their way to a romantic dinner at the tiniest, most unobtrusive, fabulous restaurant in the city.  Kind of weird, I'm not going to lie.

Their restaurant choice:  Table 52.  Chef Art Smith who comes to his craft honestly and with much talent, can probably thank Oprah for a certain amount of his stature  in the culinary world as he became her personal chef/caterer in 1997.  A  few years ago, he ventured off on his own to open Table 52.  Gratefully, I have dined at this little gem and can attest to its fabulous-ness factor.  The goat cheese biscuits and deviled eggs they put on the table to get things going were gone in an instant--melt in your mouth amazing!  My entree was the fish special which escapes me at the moment but was great.  If you should find yourself dining there, you CANNOT leave without having  Art's Hummingbird Cake and the Pecan Pie with Shortbread Crust for dessert.  I am not suggesting one over the other.  I am without a doubt stating you need to have both.  

Make adjustments accordingly.  Hey, there's always tomorrow to work it off.  

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52 West Elm, Chicago 60611

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