Monday, January 5, 2009

Thomas Dellhemmes

I found this photo a few weeks ago and it now has become my screen saver as I am mesmerized by it and would love to fall into it becoming an element of the still life.  Belonging to a French cookbook about chocolate, Les Sept Péchés du Chocolat by Laurent Schott, these  photographs were taken by Thomas Dellhemmes and I am in love with his work.  Not being able to find out too much about him specifically, I was able to find more photos from this amazingly beautiful book to share.  Such simple elements become hypnotic through his lens.   

Didn't I tell you they were amazing?  I don't lie about these things.  In the right hands, each photo could tell the most magnificent story.  And I'd want to be in each one of them as well. 

Photo credit:  Thomas Delhemmes 


Taylor said...

love these!! the last one is my fave.

Phivos Nicolaides said...

So lovely post Kim!