Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Re-Branding France

Does this logo move you enough to want make the effort to leave the comfort of your home for all the enchantment that France has to offer?  I think no.  And, apparently the French Government feels the same.  In 2007, the country welcomed 82 million visitors, making it the most popular tourist destination for the fifteenth year in a row. However, like everything else in these crazy times, the country is being buffeted by the economic climate--travelers are either staying closer to home or finding less costly destinations.   The French are feeling the pinch and have decided it is time for a makeover.  

Enter, re-branding.  This new logo will soon be used by Maison de la France, the French Government Tourist office.   Completely different from the previous, it certainly illustrates a much different destination, don't you think?  The thought process was based on coming up with something witty that would incorporate three elements that make France unique: 
  • Liberty:  independence, imagination, boldness, spontaneity, creativity
  • Authenticity:  history, heritage, culture, nature
  • Sensuality:  pleasure, intensity, passion, epicureanism, romance, femininity
It is so odd to think of France having to re-brand itself as it is what it is, warts and all which is why so many of us love (or hate) it.  Certainly the essence of the place can never change nor should it.  I suppose it is just another sign of the times.  

I found this version of the logo that didn't get the nod.  Can you figure out why?  Only the French.  

Additional information:  France Guide
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Phivos Nicolaides said...

This is a cute post Kim, tres bien!

Taylor said...

haha I laughed out loud - is the first logo really real?! I'm shocked and would totally agree, it definitely doesn't make me want to up and go to France. But I love the new design! Great post.

John said...

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Kim said...

Philip-glad you enjoyed.

Tay-yes the first is what they have been using. Bit of a yawner, don't you think? Kind of corporate 80's

John-Thanks. Welcome and hope you visit again.