Saturday, December 13, 2008

A Green Christmas

We don't recycle here in Chicago, a fact that drives me insane.  Having witnessed recent events this week regarding the possible selling of a senate seat, our president elect's seat, to the highest bidder, I believe I have a clearer understanding as to why we don't company has coughed up enough bribe money to get the job.  Some things never change. Chicago politics is one of them.  

So, in my tiny effort to be a good citizen and help the cause, I am recycling all the bags that purchases I've made for Christmas have come home with me in.  Yesterday, I searched the Internet and found some fun holiday ephemera that I re-sized and printed out to be glued onto the bags and embellished with gold felt tip pen.  The idea of buying all that wrapping paper only to have it end up in un-biodegradable garbage bags is really irresponsible and unnecessary.  And yes, I am guilty of said offense in past years.   At some point, we all have to stop the madness.

Here are just some of the great images I found.  There are endless choices out there.  You too could create your very own wrappings with a retro twist or turn of the century images. Actually, I had a great time matching images to the people I would use them for.  

Once all the wrapping is complete and all my beautiful recycled ideas are under the tree, I can take a moment for myself to get ready for all the festivities involving family and friends-slipping into my dazzling recycled Christmas outfit.....

....a one of a kind knockout made from old phone books.  Fabulous!

Photo credits:  Suzee_Que@flickr, Jolis Paons@flickr


Chubbs said...

What a coincidence, I was going to wear the very same dress Christmas Eve. Guess one of us will have to change now!

Kim said...

Not necessary to change. We will just have to let others decide who looks better in it. I'm ok with that. Feeling any pressure???

Leanne said...

Obviously you haven't seen Chubbs legs when he shaves them.Quite the competition. =0)

Kim said...

May the best woman win!!