Saturday, December 6, 2008

Dad Is The President Elect

A little window into the world of what is in store or what has already become a way of life for the President elect and his family was revealed to me this afternoon.  Having lunch and doing some Christmas shopping in the Lincoln Park area of Chicago, my walk along Armitage Avenue felt somewhat forboding. Along a short one block span I witnessed three police cars and four large black SUV's, parked in very conspicuous alleys and "No Parking" spots.  Intially, my family figured some major arrest was going to happen and we should probably get out of the way.  My daughter and I ducked into a shop filled with things my husband had no interest in so he sat in the car, patiently waiting.  Within seconds, our car was surrounded by two plain cloths officers, one on either side wanting to know exactly what he was doing.  Innocently listening to a college hoops game, he told them and they repeated what he told them in their little earpiece things to I am sure some sniper viewing all this from the top of a building.  Sounds incredibly ominous, yet sadly, a new way of life for the Obama family.  Michelle and her two daughters were attending a birthday party at a pottery painting place filled with other moms, other little girls and at least three very large men in black that we're pretty sure weren't there to decorate coffee mugs for their moms. Twelve armed men surrounding a tiny store front shop for a little girl's birthday celebration.  
Life clearly will never be the same for them. 

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Phivos Nicolaides said...

Yes, life for them will not be the same as before regarding their security. I only wish and pray that wisdom will prevail to make our lifes better in the whole world...