Wednesday, November 26, 2008

What No One Ever Tells You About Blogging

I started blogging very serendipitously, not having a clue what I was doing, yet hopeful that I would figure it out (the art of blogging) and through writing figure some things out for myself.  The blogging part is simple really once you get going--the rest....well, time will tell.  I would have to say that no matter what we attempt to do or create in our lives we walk away having been exposed to many unexpected things, both good and bad.  For instance, no one ever told me when I started blogging that I would 'meet' so many wonderful people throughout the world who have entered my life and feel like they have been my friends forever.  Many times, I have been touched by their kindness and concern when things weren't going so well and felt their joy in my celebrations in life's happy moments.  What a blessing all this has been for me.  

And it continues to be so.  Yesterday, I received a comment on one of my recent posts from Toma, The Antiques Diva, telling me to visit her blog as there was a little gift waiting for me on her site. You must know that this woman is my idol as she has managed to weave together all her passions into a life that she shares with a wonderful husband in Amsterdam.  Take a look at all that she does--you too might become a regular reader.  Anyway, yesterday, she had honored me and five others bloggers with:

She had been given the same award a few days prior from someone that's a regular reader on her site.  With all the blogs out there to read and share, it is nice to know that someone thinks enough about what you do/write and tells others about it. Recognition is not why I blog but is heartwarming when it happens.

There are some stipulations attached to this award that I need to follow through on.   First, I must let The Antiques Diva know that I have mentioned this award which I am in the process of doing right now.  Second, I have to list 6 things I value in this world and 6 things that I don't. Finally, I must send you on your way to visit 6 blogs that I would honor in a similar way--ones that I read daily and really enjoy.  OK--let's get started.  

Things that I value:  
  1. First and foremost, my family.  Both the one I am responsible for creating and all the crazy characters around the world that I share DNA with. 
  2. Blogging-it has opened some interesting doors for me. 
  3. Being open minded and global in thought and action
  4. Being able to laugh at myself 
  5. Constantly wanting to learn new things 
  6. A great glass of wine
Things that I don't value
  1. Narrow  mindedness
  2. Pettiness
  3. Intense aerobic exercise (walking is good)
  4. Traffic--hard to avoid in the cities I love most
  5. Hot flashes
  6. Crappy wine
Blogs that I feel deserve the same award which you should check out. 
  1. Cucinae Lontano--an Italian blog featuring Mediterranean inspired foods written by my friend Jean-Michel                                 
  2. BibliOdyssey--a treasure trove of unusual and eclectic bookart
  3. Stuff Parisians Like--a very irreverent look at issues that consume the French mind 
  4. The Nihon Sun--a guide to all things one must do in Tokyo written by my friend Shane Sakata                                  
  5. A Huge Expanse of Sky--a young woman making her way through the twists and turns living in Chicago. (my beautiful daughter Taylor)
  6. À La Belle Étoile--musings of living and teaching English in a small provincial town in France. (my beautiful daughter Lindsay)
There you have it.  I do believe I have fulfilled all requirements.  I have to say, it was more difficult than I thought.  Going through all the places I visit each day and choosing only six was difficult but I do believe you will enjoy the visit.  

 Photo credit:  andyp uk@flickr


The Antiques Diva™ said...


As always very well written and touching! Thanks for your kind compliments to me and best wishes -May all your passions, interests and desires find themselves woven together with one gorgeous bow.

By the way, I'm moving from Amsterdam to Berlin in January! Life continues to be a roller coaster... fortunately, I like roller coasters so that's okay! We're excited about the next stage in our life!

By the way, I recieved an email from a friend the other day and she was giving advice on some great thing to do in Paris (the Laduree Bar) - her referring link? Paris et Cie!

Toma, Aka, The Antiques Diva

Phivos Nicolaides said...

I join The Antiques Diva, to say how beautifully express yourself and how good you are in writting. Proud to be your friend alwayw Kim. Hugs from Cyprus. Philip