Thursday, October 16, 2008

Weekend in New York

This would be the view that my daughter, Kylie, a freshman at NYU wakes up to each morning. Some of you would love to wake up to this and others, not so much.  New York, as she is discovering is not for the faint hearted.  Life, college included, is not easy.  Instead of a bucolic, self-contained campus, she literally lives as New Yorkers do--meaning every person for him/herself.   Two months into this new experience, she still is uncertain how she feels about the whole thing.  

This weekend is Parent's Weekend.  My husband, daughter Taylor and I are heading to the Big Apple to see what this place is all about.  Oddly enough, the university has only one planned event and 'suggests' where students should take mom and dad over the weekend.  With my twins having just graduated from the University of Notre Dame which is the antithesis of NYU on every level we laugh at how relaxed and hands off they are about EVERYTHING at this place.  

So we have made this into a fall weekend in New York with us girls dragging our guy around Fifth Avenue to shop, to little tea salons for afternoon treats and a visit to the Met or MOMA or both depending on how much time we have.  

As we go along, I will stop by to say hey!!

Photo credit:  velouria57@flickr


Chubbs said...

O.k. -- I officially cannot let France read this blog Kim. She'll be all over me to take her to NY now!

Have fun... Not sure you'll get to see the Mets at this time of year though (haha, I know...)

Phivos Nicolaides said...

New York city, New York city, this says everything for this great city! I have some years to visit it and I miss it.

Kim said...

Oh, Philip it is crazy,wonderful, exhausting. And EXPENSIVE!