Wednesday, September 10, 2008

100 Things....Really?

You either love or hate Oprah...there seems to be no middle ground when the topic turns to her empire.  Perhaps, it's just someone having that much power in the media turns people off yet they can embrace her message and pick out what they want to keep from all things that she "knows for sure".   I can't lie, I look forward to getting my monthly magazine subscription delivered to my door--sort of a gift I give myself to sit with and pick apart over a glass of wine.  It isn't Oprah so much that I enjoy, but the fact that she has surrounded herself with some very wise and interesting individuals who contribute or edit her magazine making for some very insightful reading.  This month's issue really packed a wallop.  

One of my favorite columns is written by Martha Beck, a life coach that helps individuals find their true "North Star" in terms of how to live their best, most fulfilling life.  She tackles daily ups and downs with a sense of humor that is easy to understand and with practice can be applied to ones own life.  Her column in this month's issue looks at three women all struggling with being stuck and wanting to get from point A to point B but can't.  Looking at themselves through lens' that their life experiences have imposed on them, they in one shape or form, shortchange themselves by believing that what they have done so far in their life isn't good enough or big enough or true enough to what their inner voice is telling them to do: a voice that they can't hear.  

One woman's exercise was to "write down 100 things that you have accomplished that are clearly valuable to you--no one else".  Not your parents, your siblings, partner, children.  Just you.  I could relate to all three of these women's issues but this one in particular felt closest to home.  So I got out my journal and started my list.  I say started because after an hour of thinking and writing and crossing off and debating about if it was about me or what I have done for others, I ended up with 14 things.  14!!  I am almost half a century old and that is all I could come up with so far.  Granted, some were big things, like living in Paris for a year, but still. I stubbornly refuse to give up on this.  The homework is ongoing as I continue to work on it and discuss it over dinner with my family.  There HAS to be more than 14 things....really, I am not a doormat.  

I share this because I am sure some of you who read this might want to try the same exercise. Or you might relate to the two other stories and want to try their homework designed to help them get "unstuck".   Whatever cement shoes you are wearing, maybe this article will help.  

One thing I know for sure....there are more than 14 things.  I'll keep you posted.  

Additional information:  Are You On The Right Course?

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Phivos Nicolaides said...

Kim, it's interesting indeed, but I do believe doesn't apply for everybody. When I am 'stuck' I collect myself and recharging my energy. It helps! There are thousand of things one which he can do to overcome a 'stuck'. It depends on the personality rather than on homework. This is what my experience says.

Kim said...

Oh, I think that is necessary as well. But sometimes we don't even realize, or I should say, I don't realize what has me stuck. For me, I need to work through things by understanding what has me all twisted up to begin with. And I am guessing that men work through things differently than women.....or at least that is my experience so far! My husband might go golfing to release some of his pent up frustration but really hasn't spent time dealing with what is at the core of what's bugging him.