Friday, August 15, 2008

Parisian Gelato: Amorino

When the temperature sizzles during the month of August and you want a frozen treat to cool you down, I can't think of anything better than a scoop of Italian gelato.  When in Paris, that means a visit to Amorino--the Italian gelateria that serves this delicious treat to help beat the heat. 

Started in 2002 by Italian Paolo Bessani and his childhood friend Cristiano Sereni, Amorino attempts to go head to head with the French ice cream giant, Berthillon, established 50 years ago with a shop on Ile Saint Louis and does a great job.  They opened their first shop right down the street from their competition and the good news for tourists.....Amorino keeps their doors open during the August migration to the south unlike Berthillon.  

With flavors like banana, hazelnut, amaretto and creme caramel, it's tough to decide what to choose.  The good news is, as you walk through the city, you will find locations throughout and can sample several flavors during your stay.  I have been to their locations on Ile Saint Louis and the one in Saint Germain but don't stop there!!  With numerous shops to pick from,  you could do a Paris tour of gelato if so inclined and try all their flavors.  

Photo credit and additional information:  Amorino 

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Je ne regrette rien said...

mmm...berthillon! I love the one on Ile St. Louis! by the way, what prompted your blog move?