Thursday, July 10, 2008

Passion for Travel: Cyprus by Phivos Nicolaides

Very serendipitously (and happily, I might add) I have made acquaintances with a gentleman named Phivos (Philip) Nicolaides who lives in Cyprus of all things.  A blogger, like myself, he would be considered a true modern day Renaissance man:  author, traveler, playwright....he amazes me with all he has done.  The crazy thing.....I feel as though I have known he and his family my whole life and we have never met.  We found one another because of our blogs relating to travel and the story continues.  I asked Philip if he would be so kind as to put together a post about Cyprus that I could share with you.  Since I have not been there myself, we all will learn a great deal from this wonderful travelogue he has penned.  Efharisto, Philip!

Ayia Napa, Cyprus
by Phivos Nicolaides

Ayia Napa, one of Cyprus' most popular beach resorts, well known over all of Europe, is located southeast of the island's coast.  Ayia Napa's famous golden beaches are awesome with thin, fine sand, hidden among a chain of rocky boulders that form many small and cozy bays.  

The original small fishing harbor was the main area of what was once a small fishing village.  Around the harbor, several nice restaurants and tavernas offer special sea food.  All boat trips start from here.  Just outside of Ayia Napa, there is the site of the water park.   There are also go-carts and helicopter rides.  

Ayia Napa has become synonymous with clubbing on the island.  In particular, it has become popular during the summer when crowded with tourists (British tourists are far more prevalent here, as elsewhere on Cyprus).  

Aiya Napa attracts thousands of tourists world-wide on account of its fun-loving outlook by night and its sandy, Mediterranean beaches by day.  Macronissos beach is a sandy beach with crystal waters.  

Nissi beach is another beautiful, sandy beach.

At the beach of Grecian Bay, visitors among other activities can also enjoy an unforgettable experience of all kinds of water sports that are offered on an organized basis.  

In the these two pictures, Pericles Nicolaides enjoys water skiing sports.

Beautiful nature is one of the biggest assets of Ayia Napa.  You could combine your stay here with a bit of walking (n summer early morning or late in the afternoon) especially towards Cape Greko Park, the ragged coastline and the collection of coves and sea caves.  

Among other elegant hotels, apartment rentals and holiday resorts in the area, there are beautiful private houses and luxury villas like the one below belonging to Nicholas and Sophia.  This charming building designed in the spirit of Greek island architecture, was erected very recently. 

For more information on Ayia Napa beaches, as well as other natural attractions, go to:

Visit Philip and see more fabulous photos at his blog:  Taxidiaris

P.S. from Kim:  OK, so we are all a little bit crazy if we don't get ourselves to Cyprus, sooner than later.  And we are seriously going to have to play paper, rock, scissors to see who gets the amazing house to stay in.  Finally, just for the record, I could not love the name Pericles more!! 


Phivos Nicolaides said...

Kim, you are incredible! Thank you so much for the lovely surprise you made by posting the photos and the text on Ayia Napa, Cyprus. I appreciate what you have done and this reconfirms our mutual friendship.
I only wish you have the chance to visit us soon. This is an open invitation for you! It will give us a great joy to have you with us even for a few days.
Efharisto = Thank you again.


and it is a wonderful place indeed - phivos has an art for travel reporting

Kim said...

He certainly does! I want to go to all the places he has written about...finding the time is the problem!

Kim said...

My absolute pleasure. Your part of the world is magnificent......a bit of paradise I do believe.

Debbie Petras said...

I have also met Philip online through blogging. I love how friendships can blossom with shared interests. I can confirm what a kind and caring person he is! I loved reading about his area of the world and would also one day love to travel there. It comes alive as I view his pictures and narrative. I'm also glad to discover your blog Kim!

paris parfait said...

Well Philip does a great job enticing potential visitors to his little slice of heaven, doesn't he??!! Hmmm, off to check my calendar.

Kim said...

Indeed he does!!

Phivos Nicolaides said...

Kim, Mediterranean kiwe, Debbie Petras, Paris Parfait, thank all on all accounts. Very kind of you. I appreciate your words of encouragement. The invitation to visit this little part of the world goes to all of you! Thank you so much.

Elena said...

As a cypriot my self, i can only thank you for the beautiful thoughts about my country! I discovered your blog through Phivos. He would probably be the most interesting cypriot you have ever met!

Kim said...

As you can tell by the comment list, poor Phivos is going to someday have a gaggle of women visiting him from all over the world. Then we will share a bottle of wine with you and the stories can roll....Your country looks amazing. Not without its downside, I know, but these days little slices of heaven on Earth are getting harder to find!!

Susan said...

How stunningly beautiful Ayia Napa is! I have a list of places I hope to see and now I have yet another gem to add to that list.

Thanks for the beautiful pictures and commentary.


Phivos Nicolaides said...

With the permision of Kim, I join her in thanking Elena and Susan for their kind words.