Monday, June 30, 2008

Getting Ready for More Change: New York

I find myself in New York, comfortably at home at the SoHo Grand which I would highly recommend if you are heading this way.  My task, to prepare myself for just one more change in my crazy world.  My youngest daughter needed to be here for freshman orientation as she gets ready to attend NYU in the fall.  Having been accepted without having seen the campus made it somewhat manditory that we come and check things out.  The two of us arrived yesterday and spent the day getting familiar with the lay of the land.  And what a land it is!!

My hotel is on west Broadway and her dorm, Hayden Hall is about a 10 block walk.  Much takes place along that walk.   We went from Ralph Lauren and Emporio Armani to the falafel truck parked right outside Washington Square!!  Quite diverse and fantastic all at the same time.  

The hard part in all of this is more letting go.  As we walked up to check in for the 3 day program, I could sense that many kids just came on their own--meaning it might be just a bit uncool to have mom around.  So, being the kind of mom that hopefully does the right thing as often as possible, when Kylie suggested she might be alright on her own, I gave her a little wink and slowly walked away.  About two blocks away I turned around and saw my little girl looking very tiny as she got farther away from me.  And well, my heart broke.   You would think I would be use to this with all the transitions going on in my world, all the send offs and saying of good byes.  I guess it never gets easy for a mom. 

The good news is I have 3 days all to myself in NYC and plan on going back to old favorites and discovering new.  Certainly, I will pass all my discoveries along to you--like dinner last night.  The most amazing meal my daughter and I have had!!  


Phivos Nicolaides said...

Have fun in New York City.

The Antiques Diva said...

I love New York! I envy you being there!
An idea of something fun to do would be to visit Antiques Showplace at 40. W
25th St. in Manhattan. Ask if you can find a dealer by the name of F. Reilly and tell her The Antiques Diva sent you! She's another Diva-Reader!
I haven't been to this market, but hear that there are some great finds there!
Also, I'm dying to go the Charlotte Moss TownHouse! Add it to your must-visit list!
Have fun!
The Antiques Diva (TM)

Kim said...

Thanks for all the tips!! I would need much more time to cover all the things I want to do. Today, the Met help me captive for about 4 hours. What a day!!