Wednesday, November 28, 2007

To Live is to Change...... be perfect is to have changed often.  
My daughter in college sent me that quote yesterday.  I had sent out a long email to everyone in my family about how i envisioned our future.  So far, I have failed to mention that each one of us is in transition which makes everything either easier or more complicated.  We probably won't know until we are all having a glass of wine somewhere together looking back from the future.  
The biggest change happened this past May as my husband re-invented himself yet again and took a job with an executive search firm.  This is after he has been a professional athlete. a college coach and a fund raiser for a major university.  We are living apart(again) while our youngest finishes her senior year in high school.  Which brings us to her transition with the whole mind boggling, nerve rattling college application process.  We have been through this before with our twins but every child is unique and handles things his or her own way and well, it just feels more traumatic.  Thank God for early action!  At least some of the waiting will be over by the holidays and we can celebrate in a big way!  My twins, both liberal arts majors with an emphasis on languages, are graduating in May as well and are struggling with what lies ahead for them. They are at a competitive university and half their friends already have jobs lined up (all very business related which my girls would hate) but still the pressure is there for them to feel as though these last four, very expensive years will pay off.  My husband and I try to tell them that nothing is ever set in stone and suggest that perhaps they need to look at the next year or two as a process to sort of get a sense of what they see themselves doing.  The same daughter that sent me the quote said the other day, "Mom, we are so lucky to have you guys as parents.  We (she and her sister) are liberal arts majors and you guys are such liberal arts parents!" I liked that.  So, by the end of next summer, the five of us could be just about anywhere.  I will be an empty-nester for real--even though it feels that way now as my senior is on the go 24/7.  A great big open book awaits for all of us and we each get to write our own chapter to continue the story of our family.  It is such a wonderful place to be even with all its ups and downs and stresses and unknowns.  I can't wait to look back from the future over a good glass of wine.  Speaking of wines, a wonderful one to try.............Masi "Campofiorian".
Rich, full-bodied and velvety.  All good qualities don't you think?

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